Pack your weekend essentials into a rucksack

While you may not have carried a backpack since your school days – turned off by the torture of whether slinging on one or two straps is the cool thing to do – the humble carrier is making a return in a big way, with the current preferred style the cub-scout-meets-woodsman rucksack.

Crafters of some superbly designed accessories for gents and gentleladies, Status Anxiety understands that your inner bearded lumberjack still requires a morning filtered brew from your local espresso bar. And so the brand has met your split personality halfway and created the Urban Lumberjack rucksack. Available in green and black cotton canvases, this backpack features leather trimmings and a double-up drawstring and magnet closure hidden behind a just-for-show buckle.

Country Road has merged its slick city style looks with the utilitarian, army print trend this season in the Camo Canoe Pack. Made from 100% cotton, the military-inspired rucksack features camouflage print with brown leather trims. We’re also quite partial to the Makr Farm Ruck Sack, made of heavy cotton duck canvas and natural leather detailing, or the Flap Ruck Sack, both handmade in the US. And as always, The Herschel Supply Co. Brand has a range of rucksacks in heritage and eye-catching colours and prints.


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