rock and gold jewellery

A daily reminder you are ‘swell’ with Rock & Gold jewellery

Rock & Gold jewellery is the positive-message-giving, lovingly handcrafted creation of local lady, Alice Yeung. From growing up with parents who made lingerie, to her own background in industrial design, Alice has always appreciated form, function and design.

Drawing attention to the lack of positive praise passed from parent to child in some cultures, Alice has created The Girl from the Orient collection, shaping positive Chinese characters into brass cuffs. A way to bring a little praise to each day, the bracelets speak the words ‘awesome’, ‘swell’, ‘gorgeous’ or ‘brilliant’.

Handcrafted using a combination of traditional techniques and new technology, Rock & Gold pieces embrace the spirit of individuality through quality, unique design. With one-off creations in mind, Alice has etched her favourite foods in a crossword puzzle in the Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve Bangle. Designed to incorporate the wearer’s loves or passions, this band is customisable to the individual. You can find select pieces of Rock & Gold jewellery at artisan in Fortitude Valley.


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