Sexy sourdoughs and banging baguettes – Trojan's 69-page bread cookbook reminds couples to get busy

Sexy sourdoughs and banging baguettes – Trojan’s 69-page bread cookbook reminds couples to get busy

In the last few months, couples living in the same space have spent more time together than ever before — and they have been baking bread together like there’s no tomorrow. Whether it’s sourdough, babka or bread of the banana variety, quarantine baking surpassed every other indoor activity in terms of popularity, including bedroom antics. To help you and your partner spice up your self-iso sex life, the clever clogs over at Trojan decided to release an e-cookbook called Rising Time, which boasts 69 pages worth of sensual bread recipes to help get you going. As the age-old saying goes – if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen … and take things into the bedroom.

Trojan’s very-horny e-book Rising Time was released just in time for National Baking Day on Sunday May 17. The launch follows a recent survey conducted by the brand which revealed that only 19 percent of people are having more sex with their partners during lockdown, while 37 percent are spending their spare time baking instead. To help balance those numbers out, Trojan created the sensual baking recipes and accompanying erotic bread photography to remind couples that they could be spending their time a little more wisely (or to be specific, doing the dirty), all while the bread rises.

The frisky recipes, which cover 25 different bread methods, include ‘Pump Her Nickel’, ‘Rye’d That D’, ‘Scream Out For Your Naan’, ‘Sourd’ohhhhhhhh’, ‘Try Everything Once Bagel’ and many more. Of course, safety is key – both oven mitts and protection of the rubber kind are recommended to be on hand whilst you flick through the cookbook, among other things. To add some icing to the cake, Trojan is also kindly donating 50,000 meals to those in need with help from Feeding America.

To start bonking – oops, we mean baking – download the free e-book here. Now the question remains, will something other than the bread be rising to the occasion?

Image credit: Trojan Rising Time Cookbook


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