Relive boombox days with Son Valise JukeCases

Relive boombox days with Son Valise JukeCases

Can luggage be literally too loud? Melbourne-based design company Son Valise says no, creating custom vintage luggage for the traveller’s musical enjoyment.

JukeCases are bags that double as portable hi-fi systems, a suitcase and stereo all in one. Each piece is unique, with a focus on sound quality and functionality.

JukeCases are battery operated and last for about 15 hours at full charge, and you can relive the glory days of boomboxes with these modern-day ‘vintage’ alternatives. Utilising a 3.5 mm headphone port, the technology is compatible with all modern devices including iPhones and laptops. Both elegant and undeniably whimsical, the jukecase is the perfect picnic, beach or barbecue companion. Besides, it’s almost impossible to resist a brand name that means ‘suitcase sound’ in French.

JukeCases are available on Etsy.


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