Go forth and break stuff at Brisbane's first smash room aptly named Rage Cage
Go forth and break stuff at Brisbane's first smash room aptly named Rage Cage

Go forth and break stuff at Brisbane’s first smash room aptly named Rage Cage

Here’s the thing about being human – sometimes it sucks. Anger doesn’t discriminate, which means that from time to time, we all feel rage bubbling away under the surface and suddenly Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’ seems profound and prophetic. The problem, however, is that society tends to frown upon indiscriminate vandalism and we can’t just go around breaking things every time we feel angry … or can we? Brisbane, say hello to Rage Cage.

Rage Cage is a destruction service provider, which basically means you go there to break stuff. Think of it like anger management or therapy without the expensive bill at the end – you arrive angry and leave happy! So, what can you smash? Whatever you want, really – old televisions, smart phones, glasses, ugly knick-kacks, framed photos of your ex, crockery and microwaves (with the exception of lightbulbs and anything toxic). You can bring your own stuff or they have a stack of stuff there for you to buy to break. For $45 you will get a full milk crate worth of smash-able stuff, or you can go full rock star and smash a guitar for $50. Upon entering the cage you will be greeted with an array of weapons including but not limited to bats, crow bars and even a sledgehammer if you really want to do some damage. Then, it’s up to you to go nuts, literally. It might feel a little strange at first but the second you’ve obliterated that first teacup with a baseball bat those pent-up feelings are guaranteed to come flooding out.

Although it may seem kind of lawless (we love to see it), the crew at Rage Cage take the issue of safety pretty seriously and all participants must don full personal protective gear including coveralls, a face shield, gloves and boots and there’s a limit of one person per room. Rage Cage is currently taking bookings here and you can go on your own, with a mate, or some fiery co-workers. It could even make for a fun date night out! Take a peek at Rage Cage’s website here and in the wise words of Fred Durst, just give me somethin’ to break.

Image credit: Rage Cage 


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