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Protect your milky skin with Project SPF

As teenagers we spent entire days lounging on the beach, more focused on the increasing the contrast between the white hidden and bronzed exposed skin than rigourously applying sunscreen to keep us safe. Mums told us stories of smothering their bodies in coconut oil – not the modern sunscreen-containing kind – and lying about on the sand until their limbs were blushed and, probably, crispy. While we’ve wisened up to the damaging, possibly fatal, effects of sunburn, sometimes we need a little reminder about being vigilant with day-to-day protection.

Queenslanders aged 16–24 have the highest rates of sunburn in the state, and Project SPF is on a mission to convince these sun-loving bodies that their naturally porcelain skin is beautiful, just the way it is. An initiative of the Queensland Government and endorsed by Cancer Council Queensland, Project SPF is a fashion-conscious movement encouraging young women to think about their skin and how to protect it for years to come.

Engaging local beauty and fashion gurus like fashion designer Juli Grbac, model Liz Braithwaite, stylist Laura Stead-Churchill and Alpha-H skincare founder Michelle Doherty, the campaign will promote the global mindset of ‘health is beauty’ to young audiences. Project SPF – Stay Pretty Forever will promote sun-safe living through its Facebook page and Instagram, delivering skin-mindful beauty and fashion tips and trends, and ladies keen to join in promoting the healthy beauty message can use the hashtag #ProjectSPF on various social media avenues.

Project SPF is also running a design competition for young creatives to submit a piece of originally designed sun-safe fashion, with the winner awarded a mentorship with Julie Grbac. Entries close on April 30.


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