Pistols At Dawn kimono collection

Pistols At Dawn launches new Kimono Collection

The strong sense of tradition and ritual associated with Japanese culture is one of the most endearing aspects of a visit to Japan. Local ready-to-wear label Pistols At Dawn has taken cues from a stylish slice of traditional Japanese culture, the kimono, for its summer 2013 collection, which is aptly named the Kimono Collection.

With a history that spans thousands of years, the kimono has a special place in Japanese culture. Still worn by men on special and sacred occasions, the garment links the Japanese with their traditional heritage. Inspired by the ritual and history associated with the kimono, as well as classical Japanese fabric designs, the Kimono Collection is composed of handcrafted shirts, shorts and blazers, all made with Pistols At Dawn’s signature clean lines and crisp tailoring.

Each piece is handmade from Japanese fabrics, vintage kimonos and fabric prepared using traditional Japanese dying techniques. A bright blue hue, created by soaking and drying cotton between 15 and 20 times, is a running theme in all of the garments.

You can inspect the collection at the label’s Wintergarden store.


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