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Dodge the wet by donning an anorak

All the rain of late has been making us wish we had some kind of style-savvy shield to keep our shirts unsodden and block the wind. While an umbrella may uphold some of these expectations (kind of), we feel anoraks and parkas could be on the cards in the current wet weather and coming cool season.

Traditionally a heavy jacket with a hood – often lined in the fur of various animals – anoraks historically stem from the arctic region, aiding against freezing temperatures and icicle-stabbing winds. To give distinction, a parka is knee-length cold-weather jacket, while an anorak is a hooded, waterproof pullover.

We like this burnt orange parka from Merc’s latest collection, as well as this navy anorak from Battenwear. While at the high end of the fashion scale Burberry does a hooded parka and sailing jacket, we’d recommend investing in a real-deal fishing jacket from your local tackle shop to give your look an authentic edge. Pair one with a fitted jean or trouser, loose tee and boat shoes until the weather calls for a switch to desert boots to warm your ankles in cooler weather.

Image via Nordstrom.


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