The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in November

The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in November

Folks, November has rolled around faster than a one-legged man in a kicking competition. Soon enough you’ll be hearing carols in the supermarket and fighting over who gets to bring the potato bake to Christmas lunch – ‘tis the festive season! We’re feeling pretty jovial about entering the end-of-year sprint, so in the spirit of giving we thought we’d share a few things from around the globe that have been tickling our metaphorical pickles lately. From cloud eggs to dog booze and some adorable retro revivals, here’s what we’re vibing on this month.

Apollo Peak’s booze for pets
If you’re a pet-parent you are probably familiar with the feeling of wanting to do everything with your fur-baby, including drinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get home from a hard day at work to sit down with your pooch over a nice bottle of red, or share a champagne with your cat? The geniuses at US-based company Apollo Peak thought so too, so they created a line of animal-friendly booze. Heaven. Pure heaven. It goes without saying that actual alcohol is not safe for animal consumption so there is no human booze in the drinks, but the creators have still added things like catnip and herbs that will make your pet (safely) a little bit silly. With varieties like catbernet, chardognay and meowmosa, it’s extremely hard to resist ordering one of everything.
Image: Lucy Schultz for Apollo Peak

Cloud eggs
When it comes to breakfast food, eggs are up there with the most ‘grammable items of them all – here at The Weekend Edition we are definitely guilty of drooling over #yolkporn. How could you make these simple little treasures even more appealing, you ask? By turning them into mother-hecking clouds, that’s how. The latest trend taking over our feeds is cloud eggs, wherein the whites are beaten to a meringue-like consistency and baked in the oven to achieve a delightfully fluffy appearance and texture. They’re simple, healthy and they look damn good, plus you can jazz them up by folding tasty extras like cheese and bacon into the whites before you bake them. This is one trend we will gladly get behind.
Image: Tasty

Tamagotchi comeback
Living on the island that is Australia means that we often get left out of nostalgic global revivals of beloved technology – well not this time! You can once again prove how excellent (or extremely poor) your virtual parenting skills are because Tamagotchis are coming back, baby. The virtual pets that poop a lot a thrive on your undying attention will be hitting the shelves of most toy and collector stores this month, with creators Bandai Namco Entertainment announcing that we will cop six versions of the little pocket monsters. Word has it that the toys will be going for a mere $24.95 each as part of a limited run, so you’d best be patrolling Gizmodo for updates on when it drops.
Image: Gizmodo

Byron Bay Train
Byron Bay is already known for being a very scenic spot loaded with retro charm, but this latest piece of news is taking that vibe to the next level. Locals and visitors alike will soon be able to enjoy the experience of Byron on the track, with a project underway that will utilise a previously suspended section of the Casino to Murwillumbah railway line. Byron Bay Railroad Company is in the process of retrofitting a beautiful heritage rail motor with solar panels, electric engines and a large battery bank, with the train set to run a return shuttle service for the three-kilometre journey between Northbeach Station in Sunrise Beach and the Byron Beach platform. The company hopes to have the train running before Christmas this year – fingers crossed!
Image: Byron Bay Railroad Company

Gudak Cam disposable camera app
As much as we’re grateful for the ability to filter, edit and upload socials in a matter of seconds, sometimes we long for the good ol’ days when images were sun-streaked, imperfect and a total mystery until you picked them up from your local Big W. Korean start-up Screw Bar felt pretty strongly that this feeling should be attainable again and thus launched Gudak Cam, an app that simulates the film-photography process right down to the tiny viewfinder and extended processing time. Test your patience when you have to wait three whole days (shock horror) to see your snaps! You can grab Gudak Cam through the iTunes store for just $1.49, which is a small price to pay for memories.
Image: Gudak Cam


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