West End store The Tat Pile showcases eco artists

West End store The Tat Pile showcases eco artists

Paisley Park has always loved to craft and use her hands. But last July her interest in making art, craft and fashion shifted to the serious. A whirlwind seven months later, she’s opened eco shop and gallery The Tat Pile to not only create a platform for expanding her hobby into a full-time passion, but also to showcase the handmade wonders of local and international eco bent artists.

Situated in humble West End, this relaxed space acts as a go-to hub for eco-fashion in Brisbane as well as those wanting to get hands-on with paper making, cushion and other craft classes.

From prints and candles to tea and makeup, The Tat Pile acts as a community notice board for the hidden gems of home-crafters, highlighting the amount of care, time and thought that goes into each piece.

Paisley says the simple act of considering the environment while making and purchasing can make a difference, and even if people take away one piece of information from their time at the shop that will help draw attention to mass-produced fashion’s negative impact on the environment.


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