The Weekend Series: five things we’re vibing in May

The Weekend Series: five things we’re vibing in May

Boom! Quick as a flash we’ve hit May. It’s a pretty surreal feeling, and now we have to put all of those Justin Timberlake memes in storage until next year. We think it’s time to slow down and smell the roses, or in this instance, check out the cool stuff you might have missed in your day-to-day life. If you like the sound of pizza museums, luxury space station hotels and the future of faux meat protein, then read on, dear friend!

The Museum of Pizza
Museums are typically reserved for showcasing artefacts of supreme historical significance. We’re pretty sure pizza is one of the greatest inventions of all time, so it’s only fitting the slice gets its own museum, too. In October, New York City denizens will be treated to a pop-up museum experience dedicated to pizza, its creation and its enjoyment. From October 13 to 28, The Museum of Pizza will showcase a range of immersive installations, multi-sensory experiences and mouth-watering exhibits dedicated to the humble pizza. We’re hearing work of a pizza cave, a pizza beach, pizza games and an interactive history and untold story of pizza. We’re booking flights to the Big Apple now. You in?
Image: The Museum of Pizza

As the food industry responds to an increasing demand for plant-based dining options, the race to create the best meat substitute heats up. RightTreat is currently spearheading the charge to create the world’s finest (and first) ground-pork substitute. OmniPork is looking to break into the Asian market – the world’s biggest consumer of pork – with a vegan substitute that offers a protein with the essential amino acids that our bodies need. OmniPork is cholesterol free, antibiotic free, hormone free and cruelty free, not to mention boasting much less saturated fat and calories than real pork. The product is made from plant-based proteins sourced from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushroom and rice, with a texture that is reportedly tender and succulent. It seems the future look just as tasty as we could have hoped.
Image: RightTreat

Aurora Station
The space race is on again, but this time it’s the privately funded endeavours that are making the biggest leaps. Orion Span is a company that is looking to launch the world’s first luxury space hotel into orbit 200 miles above Earth’s surface, offering plush private suites for those that have always wanted the astronaut experience. Set for launch in 2021, the hotel will offer 12-day packages for groups of six, including watching the aurora borealis from space, helping to grow food in zero gravity, and utilising a genuine holodeck. Aurora Station will also be utilised for orbital research, with a lower cost of visiting space enabling more entrants to the space-tech scene. The first four months of reservations sold out in 72 hours, meaning that the demand is high for space accommodation. If you’re interested in a stay in the stars, the trip deposit will cost you $80,000 – so start saving those pennies.
Image: Orion Span

Tequila Hotel
Speaking of luxury accommodation, this one might be better suited to those keen to stay Earth-bound. Matices Hotel de Barricas in Jalisco, Mexico offers a sublime stay for those with a particular fondness for tequila. Situated on a fully operational agave farm, the hotel gives guests the chance to immerse themselves in all aspects of tequila concoction. Each room is housed inside a giant barrel, outfitted with king-size beds and rain showers. Two steps out the door and you’re surrounded by agave plants, which are harvested to craft top-shelf drops. Guests can participate in bottling and harvesting processes, while taking in tastings of certified organic tequila and local mescal. Yum!
Image: Matices Hotel de Barricas via Facebook

A good piece of artisan crafted chocolate is almost like a work of art – so carefully wrought that you don’t want to eat it. Australian chocolate company Complements explores the world of edible design, crafting modular chocolates that form unique combinations when put together. Handmade using Belgian couverture chocolate, Australian-grown nuts, fruits from New Zealand’s alps and even some Oreo, Complements chocolates are something to behold. The stair-shaped treats come in flavours such as slated caramel, black sesame, matcha, mango, lavender, black berry and single origin dark, and create a flavour explosion when consumed together. These sweets are being released in a limited number of 500 boxes. Act quickly if you want to get a taste.
Image: Complements


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