Mr Natty

Invite Mr Natty into your grooming routine

Brush your hair, polish your shoes and call your mother – they’re three of life’s little commandments, yet many of us fail on a daily basis. Now Mr Natty can at least help you with one of those.

Deep in a man shed in old mother England, two natty fellows have been whirring and stirring to concoct an esteemed range of grooming goods for the polished man. Master barber Matt Raine and his designer mate Matt Brooke have come up with delicacies like the Mr Natty Moustache Twizzle Wax, Face Forestry Soap Beard Shampoo and Cold-Pressed Shipwreck Soap. Their range of wares spans hair, face, beard, shaving, moustache, candles, soaps, gifts, after-shave and wash bags, meaning you can insert a bit of natty theatre into every aspect of your appearance.

As the lads say, nattiness is a state of mind, so channel the dapper Englishmen of yesteryear with traditional products made from ingredients like patchouli, cocoa, bay leaves and rum. Hair preparations come in the form of clay, paste, wax and gum, while the Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve brings rosemary-scented manliness to the art of looking good. Peruse the full range of Mr Natty goods online.


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