TWE Mermaid Hair

Smell sea fresh with Mermaid Hair products

We’ve all cooed over the girl with the luscious long red locks, silky waves cascading to meet the small of her back. ‘Mermaid hair’, we’ve all nodded in agreement. Now a brand has captured the idea of Ariel-esque beauty in a bottle, delivering the intoxicating scent (if not the length) of our favourite sea siren.

Mermaid Hair is the shampoo and conditioner offshoot of Mermaid Perfume. Delivering wafts of piña colada, orange blossom and coconut, these hair-grooming goods are crafted from all-natural ingredients, free of sulphates, and are suited to all hair types. Leilani Bishop is the lass behind the label, and it comes as no surprise that she is also an ardent surfer.

The brand also sees the tropical Mermaid Hair scent whisked into perfume form for spritzing on the skin and into a candle for a pleasant-smelling home. Mermaid Perfume also offers a vanilla-heavy Once upon a time perfume and body oil collection, and a Love collection sporting notes of chocolate.


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