Level up your skincare routine with MECCA MAX SKIN's brand-new range
Level up your skincare routine with MECCA MAX SKIN's brand-new range

Level up your skincare routine with MECCA MAX SKIN’s brand-new range

If your skincare routine has become more complex than your annual tax return and has more steps than your Fitbit – you need to hear this – there is another way to dewy, glowy skin, and it needn’t cost the Earth. Are you sitting down? You may want to because Australia’s authority on all things beauty has unveiled a brand-new eight-piece skincare collection called MECCA MAX SKIN and it lands in stores (and online) today, Tuesday August 10. 

We’ll admit it, skincare on the whole is pretty confusing. From actives to alphas – we couldn’t tell you what to use when and in what order. Thankfully for us, there are people who know a lot more about this stuff than we do – the fine folk at MECCA, of course. So when the beauty boutique’s beloved in-house brand – MECCA MAX – launches its own line of skincare, you’d better believe we’re paying attention. The range was created in response to a need identified by MECCA customers and store team members for an affordable, simple, effective skincare line that focuses on balancing skin, and without fragrance and animal products. Is that too much to ask? Not according to MECCA MAX.

The starting line-up of eight products has your whole day/night routine covered with clever cleansers, serious serums and multitasking masks. The best part, however, is that MECCA MAX SKIN has an average price point of $18 so you needn’t sell a kidney. There’s no fancy packaging or outlandish claims with MECCA MAX SKIN – just vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free products so you can feel confident in your skin and what you put on it. It’s about more good skin days and zero confusion – hurrah!

Take a peek at the whole kit and caboodle here or just add all to cart, we won’t judge.


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