Burger cookbooks to dessert deep-dish pizzas – five things we are vibing on in March

Burger cookbooks to dessert deep-dish pizzas – five things we are vibing on in March

Hallelujah – autumn is here! Although Brisbane’s seasonal changes are as mild as a dove, we are still celebrating the arrival of the colder months. Oh, autumn (and winter) – how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the breadth and circumference of our bone-warming pizzas. We love thee to the depth of our mugs of hot chocolate. We love thee to the density of our doona nooks. We love thee, like, a lot. If you couldn’t tell, the end of summer is our biggest vibe this month, but we’ve got a few more things that are driving our lust-o-meter to dangerous new levels.

Shake Shack’s own cookbook is coming
Calling all grill masters, burger lovers and avid home cooks – the holy grail of comfort food compendiums has been announced! Shake Shack – a New York hot dog cart turned one of the finest fast-casual burger chains in North America – recently let slip some news that had our stomachs quivering in anticipation. The burger giant will be releasing its very own cookbook in May, filled from cover to cover with pages of recipes for everything from the signature ShackBurger to crinkle-cut fries and hand-spun frozen custard shakes. The official release of the cookbook is still a few months away, but you can pre-order the text to have it shipped as soon as it drops. We personally can’t wait to prep our own combo meals at home, watching the patties sizzle and fries turn crispy golden brown.
Image: Shake Shack

Knafeh is the next evolution of deep-dish pizza
Thin and crispy, stuffed crust, deep pan – it doesn’t matter how you prep a pizza, we’ll eat it all the same. Although the iconic deep-dish pizza never caught on in Australia, there’s a variation that could very well take off if given the chance. Knafeh is an iconic Middle Eastern dish that can best be described as a dessert deep-dish pizza. Knafeh is made from ghee or clarified butter, which is mixed into shredded filo dough and pressed into a baking tin. Unsalted cheese curd and cream cheese is then mixed and layered into the tin before another layer of the filo dough is added. After being cooked in the oven for 15 minutes, the piping-hot pizza pie is then topped with a dose of rose water or sugar syrup and a sprinkling of pistachios. This is the kind of cheesy dessert we dream of. If you are picking up what we are putting down, have a closer look at how it’s made here.
Image: SBS

No-waste restaurants booming
For as long as it has been operating, the food industry has been plagued by a wastage problem. From produce lost in harvesting and processing, spoiled foodstuffs chucked by supermarkets and restaurants being unable or unwilling to find uses for waste, there is a large percentage of perfectly good food going to spoil. One new trend we are really vibing on is in the push for food waste restaurants, which exclusively use produce that would typically be thrown away. The latest in top-flight establishments fighting the good food fight is wastED, a pop-up restaurant in London operated by Blue Hills’ Dan Barber. The restaurant’s menu boasts fare sourced from British farmers, producers, processors and distributors. Chef Dan has taken leftover pulp from juicing and repurposed it into a vegetable burger, topped with melted off-grade cheese to make a moreish cheeseburger. Fingers crossed some sustainability focused foodies kick-start the trend in Australia!
Image: wastED

Take a journey with Perennial Plate
As we’ve discussed before, food television has improved by leaps and bounds. With Chef’s Table and Masterchef capturing our eyeballs and triggering our saliva glands, food porn is as enticing as regular porn. Perennial Plate is an award-winning documentary series that documents different facets of food culture through a socially responsible lens. Chef and activist Daniel Klein and filmmaker Mirra Fine travel around the world filming weekly episodes of the complexities of our food system, taking in the United States, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Ethiopia and more in their travels. If you want to kick back and enjoy some sublimely filmed, bite-sized food documentaries then take a seat in front of Perennial Plate.
Image: Perennial Plate

Introducing the Dot Watch
The shift from analogue to digital watches was a great step in making the telling of time more convenient, but there was a key demographic that hasn’t been considered when it comes to the popular piece of wrist apparel. Those with blindness and sight deficiencies have had to rely on other technologies to tell the time, but a new, innovative timepiece is taking the functionality of a watch and blending it with braille. Dot Watch is a smartwatch that uses rotors to make a combination of 24 bumps appear on command – listing the current time in braille on the watch face. The Dot Watch can also connect to smart phones to vibrate when you receive a notification. This useful piece of technology is set to be released for sale this month, and will certainly make the little things easier for those that need it.
Image: DotIncorp


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