Made in the Now turns current events into fashion

Made in the Now turns current events into fashion

The pace at which we consume news and current affairs is becoming overwhelming, so much so that yesterday’s news is often virtually forgotten. A creative and slightly more permanent documentation of some of the world’s most memorable news stories, the Made in the Now project embraces the power of the internet as a sales tool, and aims to challenge preconceptions of today’s fast and disposable fashion.

The brainchild of two creative minds at Brisbane-based design studio Josephmark, Made in the Now draws inspiration from breaking news, and a different design for the Made in the Now collection is created daily, inspired by current events. Each day, participants are asked to vote on newsworthy topics, and a designer is then invited
to transform the news story into a limited-edition t-shirt design.

From court cases against cartoon characters and exotic bird heists, to world porridge championships and drunken elk, the t-shirts all feature creative interpretations of the world at its most curious.


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