TWE Lonely Wolf beard oil

Local gent launches Lonely Wolf beard oil

Those sporting facial hair growth akin to Ned Kelly proportions will be well aware that all that bearded glory requires some serious sprucing to keep it ship shape.

The creation of Jared Franzen, Lonely Wolf is a new Brisbane skincare company, inspired by an open road, a well-oiled beard and a comfort-driven lifestyle. The debut product from the brand is a slick beard oil, handmade from a blend of natural oils. Organic rose hip oil comes together with jojoba, peppermint, olive, grapeseed, macadamia, almond and avocado oils to form the whisker-soothing potion, with each tiny bottle packing three months’ supply within its form.

To use, simply warm a few drops between your hands, before gently massaging through your chin warmer and surrounding skin. The gentleman’s grooming brand will continue to use natural organic ingredients across its product range as it grows, with all products handmade in Australia. Order a bottle online and receive free shipping ahead of Father’s Day.


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