Alice Nightingale launches librarian-esque collection

Alice Nightingale launches librarian-esque collection

Librarians used to be nerdy. They read a lot of books, shushed at you if you giggled too loud at the Mills and Boon covers, and often smelt a little musty. But this season the librarian-look is being celebrated, tweaked just so to suit style-savvy ladies.

Brisbane-based design label Alice Nightingale has just launched its winter collection, ‘The Librarian’, featuring black and burgundy velvets, red and navy melton wools, soft patterned cottons and silky sateens.

Run by 19-year-old Alice Veivers, the range includes delicate collared blouses, velvet skirts and pinafores, and the ever-essential capes and jackets to ward off winter’s icy winds.

Hand-knitted berets in reds and mustards pop a warm French twist on the collection, with her ‘extra-curricular’ designs of 50s-inspired lady-like dresses also sneaking into the mix.

Stocked at independent boutiques around Australia and internationally, the winter collection is also available online. Now all we need is this hot weather to cool off so the cape-wearing can commence.


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