Leather, tassels and metal at Ruby & Prankstar, Fortitude Valley

Leather, tassels and metal at Ruby & Prankstar, Fortitude Valley

Inspired by mythology and the traditional techniques of casting iron and leather stitching, Ruby & Prankstar is an imaginative line of accessories for both ladies and gents.

With a strong focus on texture, the label’s creator Kristy Morgan uses a range of materials in each piece – including leathers, furs and other animal skins.

While these materials may not be common in the creation of jewellery, Kristy has proven that they can be just as practical and wearable as any gemstone. Each creation is the result of the laborious hours Kristy spent working alongside cobblers, saddlers, lapidarists and silversmiths to educate herself on the materials and how to use them properly. This education, combined with her creative instincts has formed unique adornments that avoid the traditional notions of what constitutes jewellery.

With leather tassels, distorted metals and intricately woven chains, these hand-made adornments embody Kristy’s interest in using traditional techniques to cast and leather-stitch. To adorn one of these intricate creations yourself, Ruby & Prankstar jewellery is available to buy online or at Fallow boutique.


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