Tread a little bit more lightly with Laundry Project's eco-friendly washing wipes

Tread a little bit more lightly with Laundry Project’s eco-friendly washing wipes

When it comes to doing our weekly chores, tackling the big basket of dirty laundry is definitely the thing we leave until last minute. Frustrating as the task is, it’s only made worse when you think of the devastating impacts that regular laundry detergents have on the environment. If you’ve been thinking of ways to shrink your ecological footprint (whilst staying economical) then one product worth trying is Laundry Project, an eco-friendly washing wipe that you can just chuck in the washing machine. Talk about set it and forget it.

Laundry Project is the newest venture from the all-girl team behind Wipe That, an online marketplace that helps folks make conscious decisions when buying their household products, whether it be toilet paper, laundry liquid, soap or baby wipes. Following the success of its first range of products (who knew TP would become such a hot commodity this year?) the Melbourne-based company decided to develop an eco-friendly alternative to typical liquid laundry detergents.

Free from all of the nasties that usually end up transferring from our weekly wash into our oceans, Laundry Project is also biodegradable, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to wash. The innovative two-in-one laundry sheets can dissolve in hot or cold water, so you can turn that temprature down to save some electricity while you’re at it. Unlike traditional, liquid-based detergents that use harmful chemicals and single-use plastic bottles, Laundry Project wipes come in recycled paper packaging to avoid adding to landfill. The packs, which have enough sheets for 30 loads, are available to purchase from Wipe That.

Image credit: Laundry Project


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