Lady tips: ‘How to properly set your table’

Lady tips: ‘How to properly set your table’

While we’ll be the first to admit a woman’s place is no longer in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove to prepare the salaryman-of-the-house’s nightly meat-and-veg, there are a few Bettie Draper-esque skills that are handy to have up your floral sleeve.

For example, knowing how to pin curl your hair is a rather fanciful technique for a special occasion, as is how to remove an oil stain from your favourite silk Gorman blouse. These personal achievements can bring about a knowing smile and sparkle to your eye, even without a penchant for the 1950s housewife aura.

So when presented with the challenge of how to properly set the table for a dinner party, a modern dame rises to the occasion.

Spacing is key, with plates placed first, followed by glasses and the (essential) tea cup, finishing with the cutlery in order of use, from the outside working in.

And while we learnt the basics on Pretty Woman 20 years ago, the ladies from Oh So Lovely Vintage have created an easy-to-follow visual guide for the contemporary, design-savvy hostess.

Contrasting colours and interesting shapes add personality to a setting, with matching centre-pieces of fresh-cut flowers in vintage bottles, candles and knick knacks creating an impressive arrangement.

Host a Sunday roast and surprise friends with your inner placement perfectionist.

Image via Postcards and Pretties.


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