ksubi bad sports

Ksubi releases new collection Bad Sports

Debuting the designs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia early this year, Ksubi has now released its new spring/summer collection Bad Sports.

A return to the golden age of 1990s oversized dressing, Bad Sports embraces all the elements of dress we would have been picked on for wearing in our youth and adds a rebellious twist. Elastic waists, toggles and drawstrings meet oversized tees, parka vests and hoodies, while the odd button-up offers a structured supplement to slouchy drop-crotch pants.

Taking things to the next level again are spray-jacket-material tracksuit shorts and matching zip-front jackets and hibiscus-print-decorated double denim suiting. Dubbed as urban sportswear with edge, Bad Sports is a look for bad boys (and girls) who like to layer. Accompany the sleek leather jackets and graffiti-inspired fabrics with a week-thick moustache, middle part, scowl and devilish look in your eye for the complete package.

Don’t be surprised if everyone starts looking like they’re going to or from the gym – it’s not that they work out that much, they’ve just discovered the new Ksubi collection.


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