Get your contraceptive pill delivered to your door with new subscription service Kin

Get your contraceptive pill delivered to your door with new subscription service Kin

If you’re a gal that pops The Pill on the daily, you probably know there’s nothing more inconvenient than trying to make a last-minute doctors appointment to refill a script. Luckily for us, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to supplies and its name is Kin. Australia’s first subscription Pill service, Kin sends your contraceptive pill top-ups straight to your door by allowing you to ditch the in-person doctor’s visit for a 100 percent online, text-based consult. This means no more rushed appointments, last-minute trips to the chemist, or the dreaded moment you realise you’ve run out and you need a new prescription (d’oh!). Kin is here to help make this pill an easier one to swallow.

To secure a Kin subscription it’s easy as going through a few simple steps. First you do an online assessment where you answer some basic questions about your medical history, then you’ll make an online doctors appointment where an Australian doctor will assess you and if appropriate, prescribe a prescription plan. Then all you have to do to start your pill plan is confirm your prescription – whether your fertility friend is called Brenda, Diane, Eleanor, Juliet, Estelle, Evelyn or Yasmin – and a partner pharmacy will ship it out at least two weeks before you run out.

Membership to the online service costs $55 per year, which covers all your doctors appointments and delivery fees. In addition to your membership, you pay normal pharmacy prices for your pill (starting at $15 for a three-to-four month supply). Your membership fee also goes towards a good cause as Kin donates a portion of its profits to its charity partner the Fistula Foundation, a not-for-profit that works to end the suffering caused by obstetric fistula, a preventable child-birth injury. These donations help to provide life-changing surgery to new mothers with obstetric fistula, which primarily effects women in rural areas of Africa and Asia.

If you believe convenience is key and you want to check if your pill is available to purchase, head to the Kin website to find out more.

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