The Weekend Series: cheese skirts, a Will & Grace revival and hurling hatchets – five things we are vibing on in January

The Weekend Series: cheese skirts, a Will & Grace revival and hurling hatchets – five things we are vibing on in January

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new YEAR – and we’re feeling good. Now that the global mess that was 2016 is behind us, we can move forward with clear eyes and full hearts. We’re only a few days in and there’s already so much to get jazzed about! Welcome back to vibes, where we’ve found word of floating people-powered gyms, mind-bending chocolate artists, burgers wearing cheese skirts and even a cheeky Will & Grace reunion.

Cheese skirts
No longer relegated to the confines of a wardrobe or a human body, skirts have made their way to food – cheese skirts, that is. What the heck is a cheese skirt, you ask? Well, the chefs at The Squeeze Inn burger chain based in the U.S. (of course) weren’t content with just melting a couple of slices of cheddar onto a pattie and calling it a day – they have taken it upon themselves to generously scatter a whole freakin’ layer of grated goodness across both burger and grill to create a beautiful, crispy, golden fan that protrudes from the bun. The end result looks not unlike the titular garment the burger was named for. All we know is that someone in Australia needs to jack this idea ASAP.
Image: Our Tasty Travels

twe-willandgrace-vibesWill & Grace Reunion Special
Who doesn’t love a good comeback? If nothing else positive, 2016 confirmed that we’re all fiends for an old-fashioned TV reunion special (looking at you, Gilmore Girls). Earlier this week, Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan got fans frothing at the chops when he verbally confirmed that ten brand-spankin’-new episodes of the classic comedy would be coming our way in 2017. Although fellow legend Debra Messing was quick to shoot it down, co-star and queen of our hearts Megan Mullally has made a cryptic Twitter post that won’t confirm nor deny the revival. All we can do is pray that they’re messing (lol) with us and it gets locked down ASAP. In the meantime, you can get a little fix by watching this tasty ten-minute video shot last year when the cast reunited (in character) to make a scene about the U.S. election.
Image: ABC News

Hatchet throwing
In this day and age, there are endless ways to unwind and engage in a bit of stress relief. Netflix and chill, yoga, reading a good book, hurling a hatchet at a wall as hard as you can… Yep, you read correctly – Stumpy’s Hatchet House in New Jersey is the place to go when deep breaths just won’t cut it. Pitted as a social throwdown, Stumpy’s is a recreational spot that has been custom built to get patrons into the primitive art of hatchet throwing. These guys aren’t savages, don’t worry – they know their stuff. Every booking comes with a lesson on how to throwdown responsibly (and safely), and there’s a wood shed party room where you can grab a bite to eat when you’re done getting your toss on. You can even hire Stumpy’s for team building days, because nothing says ‘let’s promote synergy’ like hurling sharp metal at wooden blocks.

twe-floatinggym-vibesFloating gyms
One of the biggest challenges of fitness is motivation – the steely interiors of your local gym are undoubtedly not the most inspiring setting to craft your rig. The clever cats at Italian innovation and design firm Carlo Ratti Associati have cottoned on to this, and as a result are developing a mother heckin’ floating gym that harnesses energy from passengers’ workouts to propel it along the Seine River. We are living in the future, my friends. The Paris Navigating Gym vessel measures up at 20 metres long and can host up to 45 people. The actual gym area features ARTIS machines – a special type of sports equipment that uses human energy to do its thing. As well as exploring new ways of using renewable and clean energy, the project also aims to create a whole new urban experience for locals and visitors alike. We are so on board.
Image: Carlo Ratti

Crazy chocolate art
Food is already pretty great, but food that doubles as a work of art just takes things next level. The latest player to gain some notoriety in the Instagram-worthy edibles game is Amaury Guichon, a pastry chef based at Jean Philippe Patisserie  in Las Vegas. Amaury’s cocoa-based creations look too pretty to eat, ranging from super-delicate sculptures to chocolate recreations of everyday objects. Inspired by the precision that goes into being a master in the pastry chef industry, Amaury’s dedication to his craft is clear – he even spreads the joy by running workshops around the USA. For extra food envy you can peep his Instagram here – we’ll take one of everything, thanks.

twe-beyonce-vibesBONUS CONFIRMED VIBE: Coachella 2017 line-up
So we wrote about it in last month’s vibes, but now we can safely say that the Coachella 2017 line-up has been confirmed and it is pretty much what dreams are made of. As well as cementing the fact that Radiohead, Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar will indeed be headlining this year’s effort, some other huge names have popped up to get us even more excited. Acts such as The Avalanches, Justice, Travis Scott, Lorde, the xx, New Order and Bon Iver will also be making an appearance – California, here we come.
Image: Beyoncé


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