Who run the world? Celebrate International Women’s Day with five kick-ass Queensland gals

Who run the world? Celebrate International Women’s Day with five kick-ass Queensland gals

Whether it’s via the Spice Girls or Malala Yousafzai, female empowerment comes in many forms. In every corner of every industry, ladies are slowly but surely getting louder, increasing in numbers and bringing radical change to the way the world is run. While we still have a long way to go in the fight for equality across many facets of society, history has shown time and time again that when women are offered a seat at the table, stuff gets done – so it’s important to give gals the mic and amplify their messages. To celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday March 8, we thought we’d introduce you to five amazing Queensland ladies who are putting in the work across their respective fields to make our state a great place to be. Raise your glasses to progress and equality, fam!

Rachael Sarra
We literally wouldn’t be where we are today without Aboriginal people, so it’s vitally important to pay respect to those upholding the spirit, stories and legacy of our nation’s origins. Rachael Sarra is a visual artist, designer and Goreng Goreng Country woman who uses her medium to educate and share Aboriginal culture. You would have seen her colourful, vibrant works projected onto the William Jolly Bridge, around town during the Brisbane Street Art Festival and even on postage stamps – talk about a far-reaching influence!

Betty Taylor
When it comes to people who walk the talk, Betty Taylor is one of a kind. This remarkable woman has been lending her services to domestic violence prevention campaigning for almost 30 years, taking on the heavy task of raising awareness and making change across an issue that is an epidemic in our country. Her work as the managing director of the Red Rose Foundation neatly sums up all of her efforts and achievements in her field, from developing statewide DV response programs to changing laws to protect vulnerable people.

Got Malual
There’s no denying that the fashion industry has a long way to go when it comes to issues of inclusivity  – but Got Malual is a woman on a mission to flip this narrative. She is the founder of Brisbane BIPOC, a movement that seeks to celebrate the diversity and talent of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour within the landscape of fashion. Got is creating a powerful network of models, photographers, stylists and makeup artists of all races and backgrounds, giving people within the industry a place to seek more diverse talent while also shining a light on non-white creatives.

Deena Lynch
You know those absolute powerhouses who seem to be able to do it all? Deena Lynch is one of those women. The multidisciplinary musician, visual artist and photographer has a truly prolific output across Australia’s creative scene (you probably know her best as Jaguar Jonze). As well as her various enriching cultural endeavours, Deena has been instrumental in starting a public and candid dialogue about sexual assault and harassment within the music industry, creating a space for survivors to come forward as well as holding perpetrators accountable.  

Sarah Scott
Since opening the doors to joy. restaurant in 2019, Sarah Scott has cemented her status as a culinary superstar not only in Queensland but also Australia-wide. The pint-sized eatery has been garnering critical acclaim from day one thanks to Sarah’s innovative and highly personable approach to fine dining. In a space that is notoriously dominated by men, it’s refreshing to see one of Brisbane’s very own gals rising to the absolute peak of the food scene on her own terms and in a way that uplifts her fellow females.

Happy International Women’s Day from our team at The Weekend Edition to you and yours – no matter how you identify, we can all agree that empowerment and equality should always be on the menu!


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