From URL to IRL – how to make sure your online dating game doesn't get stuck on the screen

From URL to IRL – how to make sure your online dating game doesn’t get stuck on the screen

Real talk – anyone who has taken a chance on online dating apps will be able to tell you that one of the biggest gripes is going from on-screen banter to a real-life meeting. You can sift through a sea of duds, finally match with someone, have a vibe-worthy chat and then … crickets? However, there is hope. Apps like The Inner Circle are ditching the ‘more is more’ mentality in favour of quality matches keen on real-world connections.

Want to take your love life offline? Here’s some handy advice on how to get there.

Be discerning
We all use dating apps for different reasons, but don’t let desperation be your driving force. Connect with people who share your interests, values and ideals – it’s worth holding out for a good fit. The Inner Circle cuts out a lot of the guesswork thanks to the fact that all applicants are manually verified, so you can save time trying to figure out if that dude who looks suspiciously like Chris Hemsworth is for real or not.

Forget about the numbers
You might have friends bragging about the amount of matches they have on dating apps, but at the end of the day those figures don’t mean much if they aren’t going on dates in real life. Remember, all it takes is one good date and you could be kissing the online game goodbye. The Inner Circle opts for quality over quantity, so stop swiping and start dating.

Pay attention
Certain apps will present you with an overwhelming amount of options based on a pretty loose criteria – heck, sometimes all you can input is an age range and you’re forced to sift through loads of people you’re just not interested in. Don’t just be swayed by a pretty face – read people’s bios, scope their interests and ask them about themselves. The Inner Circle eliminates a lot of the sorting by presenting you with people who hold similar interests and values to you, but you’ve still got to make a connection.

Go offline
Take the leap and go on a date. The Inner Circle insists that offline is better than online, so what are you waiting for? Use the app’s features to find the perfect date spot, or try one of its singles events – because at the end of the day, you can’t date someone through the phone. It’s all about the offline connection, so don’t squander your time on people who string you along and repeatedly cancel. That being said, don’t let someone pressure you into meeting up if you’re not ready – go with your gut and what makes you feel comfortable.

Ready to jump out there? If you want an experience that won’t waste your time, give The Inner Circle a try – it might just lead to your last first date …

This article was created with our friendly cupids at The Inner Circle


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