Grooming made easy with Dollar Shave Club

Grooming made easy with Dollar Shave Club

Any gent worth his stubble can tell you that blunt razor blades are a massive fun-killer. Having to trek to the supermarket in your pyjamas with day-old growth and unwashed hair early in the morning can disrupt a whole day, especially when the price tag on the back of your much-needed razor also empties out your wallet.

It was this frustration that led UK lads Michael Dubin and Mark Levine to create Dollar Shave Club. Not convinced that men really need all the slick additional gizmos of lubricated-this and vibrating-handle-that to get a clean shave, they offer three simple options of razors, delivering a neat package of smooth-cheek tools to your door each month.

De-stubble with The Humble Twin (two blades) for $1 per month, The 4X (four blades – also suited to ladies’ legs and other bodily bits, if you’re into that) for $6 per month, or the luxurious six-bladed The Executive – the bustling personal assistant of razors.

Unfortunately this whisker-removing super service is currently only available in the US. But fingers-and-expensive-razors crossed, Brisbane men will soon be able to beat the hairy-morning blues with a similar solution or surrender to sporting a Karl Marx-worthy beard instead.


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