The Weekend Series: five summer essentials to upgrade your camping to glamping

The Weekend Series: five summer essentials to upgrade your camping to glamping

Camping certainly isn’t for everyone – when you’re an adult, hanging out in a sweaty plastic dome with no electricity or hot water kind of loses its appeal. Sure, the scenery is nice, but at what cost? Our base level of comfort? No thank you sir. The simple solution here is to level up – we’re talking glamping. Much like its inferior sibling, glamping is all about appreciating your natural surroundings but with the added benefit of being able to actually sleep at night because you’re not rolling around on a half-deflated air mattress marinating in a week’s worth of your own filth. We’ve searched for five key items that will turn your next camping trip into a glamping extravaganza.

Londonderry tent from The Seek Society
If you can’t bear the thought of one of those garish plastic domes being your glamping residence, then The Seek Society will have you singing with joy. Its Londonderry bell tent is the sort of structure you would see on a legit glamping site, made from chic canvas material that is both durable and weatherproof. Spacious and sturdy with plenty of room to move, the tent measures four metres in diameter and stands two-and-a-half metres high. It sleeps up to four adults comfortably on two double mattresses or four singles, with some additional space for your luggage and gear.

Joolca’s Hottap system
One of the biggest gripes people have with camping is the lack of appropriate showering facilities, so it makes sense that a glamping must is a steaming hot shower. It’s one thing to take a dip in a lake and give yourself a once-over, but those days of sweating it out in the sunshine can leave you feeling a bit putrid. Thank the heavens above for Joolca, the genius creators of this amazing portable water heater. The Hottap system brings you hot water in the flick of a switch without the fuss – all you need is an LPG gas bottle and a water source.

The Frontier Plus woodburning stove
For those who love that smoky campfire food feel but can’t be assed actually building a legit fire pit, we have some news that will excite you. The Frontier Plus is a next generation portable woodburning stove made by British manufacturer Anevay, achieving something of a cult status amongst hardcore campers. The stove’s top plate is perfect for cooking up a meal, with plenty of room at least a couple of pots or pans, and its simple design means that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set it up or pack it down. As a bonus, it just looks really damn good.

Goal Zero solar panel charger
The ancient proverb of ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ is hard to abide by when your device is flat, and we all know that your paltry iPhone battery isn’t going to last so much as an overnight stay without a recharge. Even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere without so much as a power pole, you can get some juice for your gear through the power of the sun – all you need is this nifty Nomad solar panel from Goal Zero. This little guy is super light, super smart and loaded with features to optimise charging time for your fave USB devices.

Foster Rye enamel cocktail jigger set
One of the greatest things about camping and/or glamping is the opportunities that arise for day drinking, but you don’t want to be carting your most precious glasses out on the open road. Enter the Foster Rye enamel cocktail jigger set, a cute and sturdy solution to your boozy woes. The classic blue and white speckled pattern gives off a distinct campsite vibe, while the double side jigger and shaker with a built-in strainer is all you’ll need to whip up a Sazerac by the fire.


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