Get musical with ukulele lessons

Get musical with ukulele lessons

With less strings and a shorter neck than its big brother the guitar, surely the ukulele has to be a cinch to learn.

But for those without musically gifted, lightning-speed fingers, the thought of plucking your way through a nursery rhyme (let alone a whole song) on any instrument can be daunting.

But with the help of the folk over at the Emporium of Fine Ukueles at the Saturday Kelvin Grove Markets, be on your way to becoming a wizard of the strings like vaudeville performer Roy Smeck in the 1920s, wowing the weekend crowds (read: friends in your lounge room) with your musical thriftiness.

Be guided by Peter McMeel and the team from Uketopia through the plethora of hand-crafted ukuleles available and given a short lesson to get you started. Said to improve one’s singing ability as well, learn to play the ukulele from scratch at one of Uketopia’s beginner courses or for those who have dabbled in a little uke strumming before, learn jazz or Celtic ukulele.

Eager fingers can find online inspiration from avid uke players Jake Shimabukuro and Ukulele Mike.


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