Geo F. Trumper creates colognes for the discerning gent

Geo F. Trumper creates colognes for the discerning gent

If Prince Charles wore cologne – and there’s a high chance he does – he’d probably choose a distinct scent by a renowned, established British company, something with history and pinch of swagger.

With six royal accolades up its finely tailored sleeve and a reputation for being the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber in London, Geo F. Trumper’s fragrances meet the aromatic needs of the discerning gent.

Established in 1875, Geo F. Trumper produces more than 20 colognes as well as one of the largest collections of men’s grooming products and accessories. Amongst the coveted range, the Extract of West Indian Limes parfum, bottled bright green with a tangy sharpness, stimulates the mind with its vibrant citrus notes.

A line of government employees, appreciative industry folk and celebrities regularly graces the sidewalk outside Geo F. Trumper’s two barber locations in London, waiting for a sleek cheek shave or a bundle of cologne and shaving balm. But you can order your dashing scent online from Pureman without having to don your military attire or crown to get your hands on it.

Image via Folk Clothing.


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