Genkstasy leads the non-binary fashion revolution with bright, bold and feel-good threads

Genkstasy leads the non-binary fashion revolution with bright, bold and feel-good threads

The strict gendering of clothing can be a pretty serious drag – after all, it’s 2019 and people should be free to wear whatever the heck they want. While unisex clothing is a step in the right direction when it comes to inclusion, the legends at Genkstasy are doing you one better – welcome to the non-binary clothing revolution! This Brisbane-based brand is blazing a trail in the fashion industry, filling a gaping hole in the market for inclusive casual-cool streetwear that doesn’t conform.

When it comes to the Genkstasy vision, there are a few key points that the brand has been built on. First of all, the team has flipped the script and turned difference and otherness into something to be celebrated – these are clothes specifically designed to make you look and feel amazing, no matter how you identify. Each collection is designed with fun, form and function in mind – the process goes beyond the rack, instead imagining its creations in real-world situations. From the dancefloor to hanging at home, everything has been considered to make the wearer feel like a million bucks.

Genkstasy has released several killer collections so far, comprising a wide range of items from basics to statement pieces. The brand utilises end-of-roll fabrics to create its eye-catching, one-off lines – so not only do the threads look great, but their production is helping to minimise damage to the planet. All of the production processes are ethical and transparent, with the brand holding strong to the belief that consumers should be kept in the loop at all times.

Ready to join the revolution? You can shop Genkstasy’s full range online.

Image via Genkstasy


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