Get active – here are some of the most fun fitness spots in Brisbane

Get active – here are some of the most fun fitness spots in Brisbane

With the world around us slowly returning to some sense of normalcy, our fitness routines will (hopefully) follow suit. With most gyms reopening as restrictions ease, our time to limber up and start training again has arrived. So you can get back into a regular routine, we’ve found some of the funnest places in Brisbane to work out – from gyms that resemble beat-blaring nightclubs to secret studios in swimming clubs and some super-exciting bun-burning classes. Here are some of the most fun fitness spots in Brisbane, so you can make like Fergie and “be up in the gym just working on my fitness”.

Beat Boxing Gym, Morningside: Established in 2013, Beat Boxing Gym is a family-owned-and-operated boxing gym in Morningside, where all fitness and skill levels are welcome – from novice glove wearers to Rocky-level professional fighters. Classes include boxing fitness, ladies boxing, beginner boxing, amateur boxing and personal-training sessions for those who want to throw punches one-on-one. Don some gloves and check out the full range of classes here. Siri, please play ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Brickhouse Gym, Coorparoo: Helping to make fitness fun again, Brickhouse Gym is set to reopen on Saturday June 13. With killer classes like yoga, HIIT, core control, ABT (abs, butts and thighs) and many more, you’ll have plenty of high-intensity, strength and endurances exercises to choose from. Plus, if you’re keen to get in the ring, the team at Brickhouse Gym specialise in training people to box like a champ. If you want to start training to become built like a brickhouse, head here for more info.

Brisbane Barre, Spring Hill: Located in the Spring Hill Baths, you’ll find this unassuming studio in change room #37. The smaller intimate studio size makes for brilliant classes that are focused, challenging and highly effective in helping to build muscle endurance (hello biceps). The classes, which range from beginners to advanced, include barre, mat pilates, signature sculpt, power pilates and a yogalates mash-up – a 50-minute fast-paced class to complement muscular and balance training. Newbies can enjoy one week of unlimited classes for just $50. Book yourself in here.

Function Well, Teneriffe: Found in the iconic Woolstore Building in the heart of Teneriffe, Function Well shares its holistic view on health and fitness via three separate fitness zones. There’s a full-service health club, an athletic zone (home to CrossFit Newstead) and a relaxing restoration zone that boasts a yoga studio, a steam room, sauna, sleep pods and cold therapy. With classes ranging from HIIT, CrossFit, metabolic conditioning, boxing, strength, yoga and reformer pilates, there’s something to suit every fitness level. If you’re keen to grow some rock-hard abs, you can even take up gymnastics. Take a gander at the classes here.

Inspire Cycle, Teneriffe: Ready to go for a ride? InspireCycle offers a range of rad boxing and indoor-cycling classes, both of which will see you get sweaty with high-intensity beat-filled workouts. If you choose to hop on the bike, the candle-lit studios provide a music-thumping, motivational atmosphere that is sure to inspire you to push yourself to your limits (and make you miss the club dance floor, just a little bit). The boxing classes, on the other hand, are held in a dark studio where you can get ready to rumble with your own aqua bag, whilst you try out some strength movements that are sure to work your full body. If you’re new to the gym, you can purchase five classes for just $50 – what a bargain! Book yourself in here.

Insurgence Fitness, Taringa: Insurgence Fitness is a 30-minute workout system that has been specially created to get results faster than your average workout class – and it conveniently fits into your weekly calendar too. Each workout contains strength, functional and high-intensity interval training and is over before you have a chance to tap out. Plus, a trainer is always within arms reach to help you stay motivated. Interested? Make tracks here to secure yourself a free trial.

KX Pilates, Newstead and Red Hill: KX Pilates delivers a high-intensity, body-toning, reformer pilates workout in just 50 minutes. With beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available to test out, these workouts help to increase flexibility, balance and coordination. The classes, which are performed on a spring resistance apparatus called a reformer red, use a combination of traditional pilates with the strengthening and toning aspects of circuit training (yep, weights are involved). To get the blood bumping without breaking the bank, new studio attendees can take advantage of the five classes for $50 deal. You’ll be hooked in no time.

SoBA, New Farm and West End: Popular amongst both New Farm and West End locals, SoBA studio offers everything from barre to pilates, yoga, HIIT, stretching classes and meditation sessions. The West End studio is currently running classes, which you can book into here. Our pick is the barrematmind class, which is a blend of mix of barre classic, cardio, stretch and meditation. For now, New Farm’s boutique studio remains closed due to COVID restrictions, but in the meantime you can subscribe to the team’s online classes, so you don’t miss out on your fitness fix.

Total Fusion, Chermside, Newstead & Mt Gravatt: The best part of Total Fusion’s studios is that they are smaller, more personable gyms than most, but still offer a huuuuuge selection of classes. Whether your intention is to sweat, sculpt, rehabilitate or strength train, you’re guaranteed to find your fit at Total Fusion. The studios offer classes for yoga, functional training, reformer pilates and they even have a run club – where you alternate between working with weights and running on the treadmill. This workout is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Peep the full selection of classes here.

Xtend Barre, Stones Corner: Prepare to sweat, fitness-loving folk! Brisbane’s dedicated barre studio Xtend Barre is owned-and-operated by professional dancer Shay Stafford, who is joined by a team of highly-motivational fitness instructors and former professional dancers. The decked-out studio offers barre, reformer and mat pilates, HIIT, TRX, dance cardio as well as mums-and-bubs classes. All ages and fitness levels are welcome here, with (thankfully) no dance experience required. Beginers can start with a low-impact Xtend Barre basics class which includes a mix of pilates, ballet and dance fitness, leaving every muscle feeling recharged and energised. The best part? The first class is free! Set your eyes on the current timetable here.


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