The Weekend Series: Five Netflix originals to binge in February

It’s a new year, which means a heck of a lot of good television to devour. Netflix is once again aiming to capture audiences with an incredible array of original content, from television series to standalone movies. So, what’s on the cards for the first half of the year? How does some dystopian sci-fi sound? What about some time-travelling comedy or some in-depth food exploration? We’ve also got the return of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and if that’s not enough then we’ve also got Paul Rudd with a moustache. That’s sure to move the dial!

When it comes to anticipated Netflix originals, this flick has been on our radars for a while now, and it’s so close to release we can hardly contain our excitement. Mute is a sci-fi mystery movie directed by Duncan Jones, the esteemed auteur responsible for futuristic romps Moon and Source Code. The film revolves around a mute bartender as he searches through the seedy and neon-illuminated underground of Berlin for his missing girlfriend. Alexander Skarsgård has been cast as the stoic lead, while Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd both take a gritty turn as a pair of American surgeons who could hold the clue to the disappearance. Mute will hit Netflix at the end of February – we’ve already booked ourselves a date with the laptop and a comfy couch.

When We First Met
Have you ever stuck your foot in it so bad you wished you could go back in time and, well, save yourself some embarrassment? We all have. What about going back in time to fix things with ‘the one that got away’? When We First Met is a charming rom-com starring Pitch Perfect and Workaholics funny man Adam Devine and Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario. Adam plays Noah, who hits it off with Alexandra’s character Avery but ends up being placed in the ‘friend zone’. After three years Noah is given the chance to go back in time and make a second first impression, with expectedly hilarious results. Pencil in some time with this flick when it hits Netflix this month.

Ugly Delicious
We’re suckers for shows that dig deep into the world of food and drink. David Chang – hospitality all-star known for starting the Momofuku food empire – is hosting Ugly Delicious, a new show that looks at some of the best cross-cultural eats in the United States. This eight-episode docu-series will examine the connections different cultural groups make through food, what it means for identity, the authenticity of the food we eat and the interesting web that links eaters together. David will be joined by the likes of comedian Ali Wong, acclaimed chef René Redzepi, late-night television kingpin Jimmy Kimmel, screenwriter Alan Yang and many more guests. Ugly Delicious hits screens this month.

Altered Carbon
Science fiction is the flavour of February it seems, with Altered Carbon also positioning itself as an engrossing high-tech series that is sure to grab attention. Based on the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon tells a tale set more than 300 years in the future, where consciousness can be stored, turning bodies into mere vessels for our true selves. Joel Kinnaman stars as a violent mercenary, who wakes up 250 years after his body is killed to help solve the murder of the wealthiest man in the world. Expect a lot of action, a lot of futuristic aesthetics and one wild ride. Altered Carbon is screening on Netflix now!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
If you weren’t around for the television sensation that was the first run of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, then you missed out on some crucial viewing. Lucky for you, a new fab five has been assembled to help hopeless men turn themselves from shabby into chic. Each member of the Queer Eye team specialises in a different area – fashion, food and wine, interior design, culture and grooming – helping to completely overhaul every aspect of their subject’s life for overall betterment. Expect lots of flair, plenty of laughs and a whole lot of heart-warming happenings when the team hits screens this month.


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