Five meaningful (and eco-friendly) gifts for the toddlers in your life

Five meaningful (and eco-friendly) gifts for the toddlers in your life

For tiny humans, toddlers sure take up a lot of room in your heart and home. As they grow, so too does the stuff. It multiplies with every holiday or occasion that passes and before long, the room that was once your living room resembles a kindergarten with a sea of brightly coloured plastic all vying for your little one’s attention. If you’re keen to cap the tyranny of toys and would prefer to invest in quality pieces that will help them grow, play and learn (and won’t end up in landfill), we’ve round up five meaningful and eco-friendly gifts for the little people in your life.

Kids Beach Toy Set from The Beach People
Little adventurers will spend hours building (demolishing and rebuilding) sandcastles and digging for hidden treasure with this pretty four-piece set from The Beach People. Not only is it kind on the eyes but it’s also kind on the environment as it’s made from unbleached compostable bamboo and bio-plastic with a hemp rope handle. It’s available in pale pink, blue, yellow or stone and is a guaranteed investment in good times.

Lenny and the Ants from OzHarvest
“My kid has too many books”, said no parent ever. Books are a perfect gift because not only do they take up the least amount of space, but a study by Ohio State University found that young children whose parents (carers, relatives, friends or neighbours) read them five books a day enter kindergarten having heard about 1.4 million more words than kids who were never read to. The only pitfall is that it’s hard to know (or remember) which ones they already have so if you’re keen to buy books, best to stray from the usual stores. Wonderbly creates personalised books for a variety of ages but if you’ve left your run a little late for delivery from London, Lenny and the Ants from OzHarvest is an excellent local option. Written by Jessica Chapnik Kahn and beautifully illustrated by Matthew Martin, Lenny the roo invites children on a colourful journey to discover a whole new way to think about food. There are even some easy kid-friendly recipes to try! Proceeds from the sale support OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, so that’s always an added bonus.

Kids Seed Kit from The Little Veggie Patch Co
Specially designed to cater to little people with short attention spans, the plant varieties contained in the seed kit have been chosen for their ease of germination, fast growth habits and general ‘likeability’ – which every parent knows that when it comes to kids and veggies is more than half the battle! The kit contains everything you need to get your budding green-thumbs underway including the seeds, planting instructions, biodegradable propagating pots and reuseable plant labels. The seed varieties include beans, peas, carrots, sunflower and strawberry. The kids will love getting their hands dirty but they’ll be excited about eating vegetables and that’s a win for everyone.

Wishbone Bike from Biome
Give a gift that will offer hours of amusement now but one that will grow with them and eventually become an heirloom that will remind you of the fleeting time they were little. The trike configuration is perfect for tots from approximately one year with its lightweight and super-stable three-wheeled frame and when they grow, you can convert it to a two-wheel balance bike and by age four to five, the frame is flipped making it one of the largest running bikes on the market. Unlike the $15 plastic variety, this one is made to last generations and is made responsibly from kiln-dried, preservative-free plantation birch/ash, finished with eco friendly glues and features a certified organic cotton spare parts bag and recycled packaging printed with non-toxic inks.

Plant-based Animal Crayons from Eco Crayons
Let’s be honest, toddlers have a real knack for eating things they aren’t supposed to including but not limited to pet food, old yoghurt pouches they’ve stashed and retrieved at a later date and various other things that would make grown ups queasy. That’s precisely why these plant-based crayons are an amazing gift. Whilst it’s never ideal to consume any kind of colouring implement (and is definitely not advised), these bad boys are non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable so if they did happen to have a little nibble, you probably won’t need to spend the rest of the day on the phone to the Poison Information Centre. The handy eight pack is made from 100-percent natural ingredients with the colour pigments derived from plants, seeds and flowers so little hands can colour the rainbow, naturally.

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Image credits: The Beach People, OzHarvest, The Little Veggie Patch Co, Wishbone and Eco Crayons.

This article was created in conjunction with our friends at Oli6. 


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