The Weekend Series: five fitness ideas so fun you’ll forget you’re exercising

The Weekend Series: five fitness ideas so fun you’ll forget you’re exercising

We know, we know – exercise is a pain. But if you want that rockin’ bod you’re going to have to get off your tuchus and start getting active at some point. Much like studying, we’ve heard that the best way to put in some solid hours is if you can make it fun. With that in mind, we’ve scouted around and found some activities that are so fun that it won’t even feel as if you’re exercising. Get ready to climb, dance and drink (yep, you heard us) those lethargic blues away – fitness just got exciting.

Get your groove on
This one is a no brainer. Ever gone out dancing on the weekend to wake up the next morning feeling like you’d just ran a marathon? That hurts-so-good feeling is what happens when you work out, and guess what? Dancing is exercise! Who’d have thought? Few activities can give you such a full-body workout, but most of us shy away from the D-floor because we ‘can’t dance’. That’s no longer a hurdle, my friend – there are plenty of dance studios that actively encourage inexperienced participants to join in. Groove Therapy hosts weekly beginner classes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast aimed at helping people find their rhythm in a judgement free zone. Industry professionals take each class, helping you nail the fundamentals in a strictly anti-hate space. If you feel like you’ve already got the moves, then bust them out at No Lights No Lycra’s weekly dance parties in West End or Lights Out and Dance in Burleigh Heads. Or, you know, hit the clubs.

Sip and stretch
If you are a beer lover and/or a yoga junkie, then you’re probably across the newest craze known as ‘beer yoga’. If you haven’t encountered this magical fusion of tipples and tree poses, then you’d best get amongst it. The concept is simple, simply roll out your mat and follow an instructor as they guide you through a stretching routine that incorporates movement allowing you to clasp and sip a frothy beverage. If you’re keen to extend yourself and give beer yoga a go, you can find classes in Brisbane at The Brat Cave, while the The Flying Cock will be bringing beer yoga back at the end of year. On a related note, The Flying Cock is also hosting Barre at the Bar classes incorporating frosé, pilates, ballet and yoga. Sounds great, right? Yoga isn’t much of a stretch when there’s a drink nearby.

Get sky high
What do Van Halen, Rihanna and Kris Kross have in common? They love to jump! So do we, which is why we think places like Bounce Inc.Sky Zone in Brisbane and Air Factory and Jummps on the Gold Coast are some of the best places on earth. Both of these spots boast jump arenas that are filled wall to wall with interconnected tramopolines, trombopolines, trampolines! Both locations have a range of trampoline-centric classes to try, including fitness classes and classes for kids, while Sky Zone recently opened Sky Climb – another massive destination with 21 different obstacle courses for you to climb on and around.

Join the circus
We’ve all dreamed about it. Packing a few key possessions in a bindle, running away and joining the circus thinking that maybe they’d train us to be acrobats, lion tamers or clowns. As we grew older, those daydreams of becoming an aerial performer disappeared for most of us, but many stuck with the dream and actually joined the circus. It’s not too late to pick up a few tips and tricks, in fact, Flipside Circus and Circus Arts hosts a range of classes for kids and adults to learn some incredible manoeuvres. Small group classes are available for those wanting to learn how to tumble, walk a tight wire, balance like an acrobat and much more. You’ll work on your strength and conditioning, but you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll barely take notice of the pump you’re getting. Circus Arts can also teach you the art of the flying trapeze, so those without a fear of heights can soar in safety, while the Vulcana Women’s Circus at the Brisbane Powerhouse offers adult classes for those who identify as women, trans and non-binary genders.
Image: Lukas Davidson

Fantastic gymnastics
If you’ve ever caught the gymnastics display when it screens during the Olympics, you’d agree that the televised feats of athleticism are worthy of awe. Sure, it takes years of training to get to that level, but even if you’ve never seen a pommel horse in real life you can still have a crack at some gymnastics. Several places in Brisbane and the Gold Coast host adult gymnastics classes that can help improve balance, flexibility, agility and more, with no gymnastics experience required. Check out Springloaded in Ipswich and Banora Point, Urban Gymnastics, YMCA Gymnastics and Robertson Gymnastics. So if you’ve dreamed of performing a floor routine, hitting the high bars or wrangling some rings, these are some of the best places to do so.


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