My Favorite Murder

The Weekend Series: five podcasts you should definitely be listening to

Much like MSG, high fructose corn syrup and checking Instagram every 20 minutes to see what your ex is up to (don’t act like you don’t know), podcasts are seriously addictive. Whether you’re killing time on a morning commute, trying to distract yourself from the searing pain in your quads during a run or just need time to chill out, there’s pretty much a podcast for every occasion. There are heaps of titles out there blowing up internationally that you have probably come across, but we are here to shine a light on some of the best podcasts that you may not have heard of yet.

My Favorite Murder
At a Halloween party in 2015, two strangers bonded over their mutual affinity for macabre small talk – and local murders in particular. Fast-forward to January 2016 and the duo – Georgia Hardstark, a former receptionist and Cooking Channel co-host and Karen Kilgariff, a stand-up comic and TV writer – launched their true-crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder on the Feral Audio network. Each week, the ladies dissect and discuss cases from the well-known historical names to the more obscure slashers (did you know there was a Texas Eyeball Killer?) with hefty pinches of humour and irreverence. You’ll probably feel a bit weird about the fact that you’re laughing at a show based on homicide, but you’ll embrace that soon enough. 

Four Finger Discount
If you don’t like The Simpsons, you are probably some kind of emotionless robot. This TV juggernaut has changed the face of pop culture since its debut back in 1989, providing the world with countless iconic references and subversive social commentary. Plus, it’s just plain funny. In early 2015, two Aussie guys by the name of Brendan Dando and Mitch Grinter decided to put their love of The Simpsons to good use by creating Four Finger Discount, a podcast where they review every darn episode of the show from the very beginning. Come for the nostalgic references (the duo is currently unpacking season five) and stay for the awesome banter.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes
We’ve all been told about taking baby steps at some point, but kick-starting your motivation can be a pretty daunting task no matter how you choose to tackle it. If you’re feeling a bit lost or uninspired, then this one is for you – Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a podcast that comes directly from the mind of Gregg Clunis, a 24-year-old New Yorker with some pretty solid life advice. In his podcast, Gregg equips listeners with practical, bite-sized strategies on how to improve their daily lives – all scientifically backed (in case your airy-fairy red flags were up at this point).

The Dollop
It’s hard to deny that chemistry makes for killer podcast content, which is exactly why The Dollop is so damn good. History buff and comedian Dave Anthony initially had a concept of writing up an unknown story from American history and reading it to a new comedian mate each week. His first guest was fellow funny dude Gareth Reynolds, and the duo’s immediate connection meant that Dave never did change co-hosts. Ever. The crazy stories and quick wit of The Dollop will have you forgetting that you’re actually learning something – catch yourself spouting facts about famous shoe bandits and sex philosophers.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
Imagine if you were given the opportunity to pick up the phone and unleash the inner workings of your mind onto a total stranger. What would come out? That’s the premise for Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, a podcast hosted by comedian Chris Gethard. Each week Chris takes a phone call from a stranger, giving them one hour to chat about whatever they darn well please. Everything from shocking confessions and dark secrets to philosophical discussions and shameless self-promotion has taken place – nothing is off limits.

Honourable mentions (that you probably have heard of but should listen to anyway because the hype is real): My Dad Wrote a Porno, S-Town/Serial, WTF with Marc Maron, How Did This Get Made?, Comedy Bang Bang, This American Life, Science Vs, Freakonomics


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