Find finely crafted, feminine lingerie on Assiere

Find finely crafted, feminine lingerie on Assiere

Running your own business is no easy feat. But it’s the passion for the work and the excitement of contributing to an industry, that keeps entrepreneurs working long into the evening.

Created by 23-year-old Letitia Power, Assiere delivers a selection of beautiful, finely crafted, feminine lingerie to Australian and New Zealand lace-loving ladies.

Originally a blog providing tips and knicker-related info to a local audience, Brisbane-based Assiere has expanded to include an online store, with the odd pop-up shop making appearances on Brisbane’s shopping strips. Importing lingerie from around the world, Assiere provides access to international labels not previously available in Australia, as well as providing a platform for local designers to sell to their immediate market.

Whether your preferred style of undergarment is bold and seductive or classic and simple, Assiere is worth a peek upon your next spring clean of that top drawer.


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