Adorn your crown with millinery by Felicity Boevink

Adorn your crown with millinery by Felicity Boevink

Some of the world’s most stylish women have been devotees to the hat – from English eccentric Isabella Blow to our current Queen Liz, a headpiece has been the final addition to many a lady’s outfit.

And why not? For hats surely have a practical touch – they keep away the sun, the rain and, in the case of Isabella Blow, they keep away those you don’t want to talk to. Whether you want to resemble the grace of Kate Middleton or be a little more diva like Gossip Girl’s Blair, headwear is a great way to add a little flourish, as well as disguise any awkward bad-hair days.

Felicity Boevink is one Brisbane lass who embraces the beauty and importance of headwear with the unique creations of her millinery label. Adorn your crown with a piece from her extensive range of handmade headwear, from luscious classic felt fedoras to creative fascinators. Perhaps one of her most stand-out pieces is the leather visor she created for Tovah’s show at the 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. Slightly sci-fi, each was formed in black, silver and tan, and fitted with a buckle at the back for easy adjustments.

For those on the lookout for a piece to accompany the warmer weather, Felicity’s summer collection will be out soon and can be seen on her Facebook page. You can purchase her millinery creations on her website or from Jean Brown at Emporium.

Image credit: Nathan Duff Photography via Felicity Boevink Millinery.


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