Paw-ternity leave, bee habitats and Donald Glover lands royal role – five feel-good stories you might have missed

Paw-ternity leave, bee habitats and Donald Glover lands royal role – five feel-good stories you might have missed

Look alive, people! The weekend is almost here! If this week has been a slog, then you might need a little bit of a pick-me-up to see you across the finish line. We’ve got just the thing to keep you moving – happy news stories! It’s been a great week for feel-good happenings – we’ve got stories of paw-ternity leave for new puppy parents, Donalg Glover kicks another career goal, Michael Bolton makes us melt into our morning coffee and Nazeem Hussain shares a personal story that is well worth listening to.

BrewDog’s paw-ternity leave
Welcoming a new member into the family is big deal – it’s never a decision to be taken lightly and the new arrival requires your full and undivided attention. We reckon this should apply for children and pets, which is a mentality shared by the thriving brewery BrewDog. The company has recently announced that it will be giving their employees around the world a week’s paid leave if they become dog owners. Newborn puppies or adult rescues are covered equally by the policy, and the Puppy Parental Leave scheme aims to encourage all members of its company to support and look out for one another, whether they be man, woman or pup.
Image: Today

Donald Glover’s hot streak continues
Honestly, can Donald Glover’s star rise any higher? From killing it on television shows Community and Atlanta (the latter of which he wrote and starred) to becoming a hip-hop superstar to nabbing key roles in the upcoming Han Solo and Spider-Man movies, you’d think he’d be content. Wrong! News broke the Internet recently when it was announced that Lando Gambino would be voicing Simba in the upcoming Lion King reboot. It has also been announced that James Earl Jones would be reprising his role as Mufasa, ensuring everything is right in the world.
Image: Comic Book News

Bee acreage
A small city in Iowa is doing great things for the local bee population, recently setting aside hundreds acres of unused land for a habitat dedicated to providing pesticide-free havens for bees. The 1,000 Acres Pollinator Initiative will aim to combat declining bee populations across the United States, which has been attributed to pesticide exposure, habitat loss and parasites. The first 188 acres of land will be filled with native prairie grasses and wildflowers, perfect for restoring pollinator habitats.

Michael Bolton’s new job
Pop-rock balladeer Michael Bolton is enjoying a return to the spotlight, capturing the attention of a new generation of fans through a hilarious comedic turn. Back in 2011, Michael Bolton lent is iconic pipes to The Lonely Island for their song ‘Jack Sparrow’ and now the crooner recently teamed up with the comedic trio for Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special. Now Michael has turned up in a new guise – a barista. Well, Michael Bolton isn’t making coffee exactly, but he did don an apron at his local cafe to help serve piping hot lattes to customers by singing out their names and orders. MB proves he’s still got some vocal chops as most of the customers in attendance realise that they simply can’t deal. It’s great.

Nazeem opens up
Our buddy Nazeem Hussain was in the spotlight this week for an incredibly heart-warming reason. The comedian is currently starring on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! alongside fellow celebs Carson Kressley, Nat Bassingthwaighte and Kris Smith. In a recent episode Nazeem opened up to his fellow castaways about his thoughts on the 2014 Sydney Siege and the aftermath. As a devout Muslim, Nazeem recalled the kindness and support shown to Muslims after the tragedy, particularly that shown to his immediate family. Watch the emotional video here.


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