The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in February

The Weekend Series: five things we are vibing on in February

It’s already February and the year is off to a flying start. It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s happening around the world, which is why we make it our job to round up some of the coolest bits of news. This month, we’re vibing on an array of killer tidbits, such as no-checkout grocery stores, dinner date applications, high-fashion restaurants, vegan Cornettos and massive music festival announcements. We can’t wait to see what February has in store, but for now, check out what we’ve been digging on lately.

Amazon Go
It’s official – grocery shopping has entered the future. A brand new no-checkout shopping concept has arrived in the US, pioneered by one of the world’s largest shopping conglomerates, Amazon. Amazon Go recently opened in Seattle, promising some of the world’s most advanced shopping technology for a one-of-a-kind experience. When we say no checkout, we literally mean there is no checkout. Customers can simply walk in, select the products they want and leave. Customers use the Amazon Go app on recent generation iPhone and Android devices to enter the store, then the store’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology automatically detects when products are taken or returned to the shelves, collating goods into a virtual shopping cart. When you leave the shop with your goods your Amazon account is charged the appropriate amount. Although it would take a while to get over not having to hand cash to a checkout attendant, this no-fuss approach to shopping is something we can get behind.
Image: Amazon
Romance in the modern age is a tricky thing, despite a plethora of applications aimed at making it easier than ever. Tinder, Bumble, Hater, Grindr – dating apps are no longer novel, they just present a few more avenues for finding ‘the one’. You know what really ignites the fires of passion? Food. The team behind Dindr know this, which is why they have created an application that pairs single souls for a same-day dinner date. That’s right – Dindr finds you actual dates, not just matches. Users don’t need to swipe, they simply put themselves forward to be matched with other users looking for a date on the same day that share similar interests and tastes. Dindr then pairs the couple and helps curate a list of convenient date spots that fit your preferences. Sounds cool, right? Well, unfortunately we can’t expect Dindr to arrive in Australia in time for Valentine’s Day, with only residents of Austin, Texas able to use the program for now. Guess we’ll just keep swiping, then.
Image: Dindr

Gucci Osteria
If you’re a fan of the salivation-inducing Netflix series Chef’s Table, then you’re probably already aware of big-time chef Massimo Bottura. The Italian culinary maverick earned acclaim with his three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana. The chef has teamed up with esteemed fashion house Gucci for a culinary venture that sees the two industries collide in stylish fashion. Gucci Osteria is a 50-seat restaurant that is located inside the fashion brand’s new museum and retail concept Gucci Garden. The green-coloured eatery serves up Italian dishes including the likes of creamy mushroom risotto, cacio e pepe and parmigiano-reggiano-enriched tortellini, while also putting a spin on some other cuisines including high-end hot dogs, pork buns, burgers, Peruvian tostadas and even a dessert piña colada.
Image: Gucci

Vegan Cornetto
This year is shaping up to be a great one for vegans. After the news that Dominos was upgrading the menu with a vegan cheese addition (which was so popular the brand nearly ran out of the stuff), Streets Ice Cream in the UK has also announced a vegan version of the iconic Cornetto. The vegan version of this popular icy treat boasts several new elements that will have plant-based eaters salivating – a vegan chocolate-covered waffle cone (that is gluten free) is filled with creamy soy-based ice-cream and topped with a sprinkle of nuts. The ice-cream has hit shelves in the UK after a well-received test run in Italy last year. We reckon it won’t be long until these treats hit (and are subsequently snatched off) supermarket shelves.
Image: PETA

Primavera Sound Festival
This time of year always brings massive music festival announcements that do nothing but stir up the fires of envy in our Australian hearts. Following hot on the footsteps of Coachella, Spain’s Primavera Sound Festival has announced one of the biggest line-ups of all time. From Wednesday May 30 to Saturday June 2, Barcelona will play host to the likes of Björk, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The National, Lorde, Migos, Arctic Monkeys, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Belle and Sebastian, Chvrches, Haim, Tyler, The Creator, Jane Birkin, Spiritualized, Slowdive, Beache House, Lykke Li, Father John Misty and many more. Alex Lahey, Confidence Man, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Kite String Tangle make up the Australian contingent heading over for the festival. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to put in our annual leave requests immediately.
Image: Primavera Sound


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