Monster French toast and cookie dough cafes – five things we are vibing on in February

Monster French toast and cookie dough cafes – five things we are vibing on in February

The first month of 2017 is done and dusted and now it is officially too late to wish someone a happy new year. While we’ve still got our eyes on the great year ahead, it’s also time to take stock on some of the cool things that have happened at home and abroad. We are getting super stoked on some very vibe-worthy happenings, including a female-only ride sharing service, a new home for Australian film and gargantuan, cookie dough cafes and carb-loaded French toast hybrids.

Shibuya Toast
If you typically opt for sweet options when breaking your fast on the weekend, there’s a high chance you’re well acquainted with French toast. The breakfast staple is the height of morning decadence – what with its buttery toasted bread, sugary coating and syrup drizzle – but it has been reportedly trumped by a heavily upgraded variety. Shibuya toast is the latest breakfast craze sweeping Japan, boasting a block of bread coated in honey, stuffed with ice-cream and topped with just about anything you could want. A few spots are also creating savoury versions of Shibuya Toast with moreish raclette topping. Now this is how you do breakfast!
Image: Alex and Felix Recipes

twe-kit-kat-sushiKit Kat Sushi
You have to hand it to Japan, it sure knows how to further culinary experimentation. After French toast on steroids, you’d think we’d be hard pressed to find something stranger, but we did – Kit Kat Sushi. This week, residents of Tokyo’s Ginza district will be able to stop by the first street-facing Kit Kat specialty shop, which will stock the confectionary in sushi form. For the first few days of February, shoppers will be able to purchase three flavours – tuna, egg and sea urchin. Don’t retch just yet – the flavours are only titles. Each roll is merely coloured to reflect the prototypical sushi ingredient, while still tasting yummy. The tuna roll reportedly tastes like raspberry and white chocolate, the egg roll is pumpkin pudding flavoured and the sea urchin flavour is actually melon and mascarpone cheese. Oh, and the rice is merely puffed white chocolate rice. Odds are we won’t see these treats come to Australia, but we’d be keen to try them should someone bring some home from their Japanese holiday.
Image: Tokyo Bargain Mania

It’s no secret that Uber has cornered the market when it comes to ridesharing, but a new service is set to launch in Australia this month that will offer an all-female network of drivers for an exclusively female user base. Shebah is the name of the new service founded by Georgina McEnroe, which aims to provide a greater level of safety for female passengers and drivers. The service was launched in Victoria in 2016, and will see a rollout in Queensland this month.
Image: Shebah

The Australian film industry is currently in the midst of a renaissance period, with several Australian-born films earning worldwide box office success and critical acclaim. Films such as Mad Max Fury Road and Lion have seen an increased level of praise heaped upon home-grown endeavours and now OzFlix is looking to establish itself as a reliable resource for those wanting to watch more Australian films. OzFlix is a streaming platform that boasts an ever-expanding library of some of Australia’s best films. Aiming to source ‘every Aussie movie’ out there and make them available to local and international audiences, OzFlix is now live and has an impressive selection of classics available in high-quality streaming.

twe-cookie-do-nycDŌ NYC
Gorging on cookie dough is a guilty pleasure that is near unrivalled when it comes to instant gratification. Eating dough mixture from the package or from the bowl is a rare joy, but it’s one that might not be very good for your insides. A new cafe has opened in New York City that has centred its focus on cookie dough-infused dishes and is also making it a bit easier for your insides to digest (within reason – we’re still talking about cookie dough, people). is the seductively sweet scoop shop that is allowing patrons to eat cookie dough in a variety of different ways – in its raw form, mixed into ice-cream, half baked and more. All of the dough at DŌ is safe to consume unbaked, made using a pasteurised egg product and heat-treated flour so there is no chance of food-borne illness that comes with raw flour products. Here’s hoping that some enterprising dessert dynasty can bring something similar to Brisbane.
Image: DŌ NYC


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