The Weekend Series: spoil your old man with some Father’s Day gifts that don’t suck

The Weekend Series: spoil your old man with some Father’s Day gifts that don’t suck

We don’t mean to alarm you, but Father’s Day is this weekend. On Sunday September 3, dads all over the country will be showered with gifts of all kinds. If this realisation has caused a moderate amount of alarm, we urge you not to panic. Just because you may or may not have forgotten to get a present this year is no excuse to opt for a cop-out gift. You’ve still got a bit of time to put an order in for something special, and it just so happens we’ve got a handy list of gift ideas that don’t totally blow! At this stage these gifts might arrive a bit late, but trust us – they’ll be worth it. No need to thank us, we’re just doing our duty. It’s the dads that deserve your thanks – they helped to give you the gift of life, after all.

Solid State cologne
A nice cologne is a great Father’s Day gift for any gent that loves a good scent. The thing is, it can be hard to pick the right fragrance and it’s a pain getting harassed in the perfume section when you’re trying to browse. Our solution is a nifty bar or two of solid cologne – a portable alternative to the traditional sprays. Solid State is one of the best makers and distributors of solid cologne in Australia, and the selection offers up something for every nose. Blocks boast scent profiles featuring the likes of tobacco, vanilla and spice, grapefruit, mint and sandalwood, and blood orange, ginger and mahogany. Solid State colognes are also inexpensive, so you could order a couple if you are unsure which scent to pick.
Image: Solid State
The New Camp Cookbook
Outdoorsy dads will immediately dub you their favourite child if you gift them this handy compendium. The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub for Campers by Linda Ly features cooking tips and techniques for campers, day-trippers, and intrepid adventurers. This cookbook will instruct your father on the best ways to stock a camp pantry, make coffee when roughing it, build a fire and cook with foil packs, not to mention will provide all the steps needed to make marinades and seasonings, cook over camp stoves, Dutch ovens and open fires. Bonus tip – if you pair this book with a new toy from Homecamp then you’ll score extra brownie points. Just saying …
Image: Murdoch Books

Pangea Contour Maps
Say old daddy-o is a fan of interior decorating, but loves a classic, minimalist and sentimental touch – what is your go to? It might not be the first thought to cross your mind, but a one-off contour map from Pangea Maps could be just the ticket. These gorgeous pieces feature hand-sketched crafted contour maps of waterscapes and coastlines, which are made using modern surveying techniques and old school cartographic know-how. Made from high-grade plywood, each map comes framed and ready to hang, with a shatterproof plexiglass protective layer keeping everything snug. If you shared a memorable road trip with your father, you can order a custom map of your journey.
Image: Pangea Maps

A personalised wine subscription
If pops has a penchant for a good vino, you’re on easy street in the gift giving stakes. Simply get him a subscription to one of Australia’s diverse wine delivery services and you’re set! The Wine Gallery is a particularly terrific tipple transport service that works to ensure that every drop perfectly matches your father’s tastes with The Wine Gallery’s extensive selection of grape types and wine varietals. Each wine has a story and a special characteristic that makes it worth trying. Along with each bottle, The Wine Gallery sends tasting notes, recommended pairings and matching recipes to try.
Image: The Wine Gallery

Spring Court sneakers
It’s not uncommon to have a daggy dad. Like the sudden usage of dad jokes, becoming daggy just seems to happen once you become a parent. There is no scientific evidence to support it, but ‘dad style’ has a habit of just evolving when men reach a certain age. Although you can’t outrun it, you can delay the inevitable by making sure your Father’s Day gift is a stylish one. Spring Court offers a great range of simple and stylish shoes that boast a timeless aesthetic and great craftsmanship. The brand has just unveiled its new spring/summer ’17 collection, with a 1960s inspired look that comes in high and low top varieties in both canvas and leather.
Image: Spring Court, shot by Kiera Chevell. Model Adam Hynes.

Honourable mentions: We’ve come across some amazing goodies over the past year that would make for great Father’s Day gifts. If you are still hunting for the perfect pressie, why not investigate some travel luggage from Toffee Cases, sneakers from Athletikan, snazzy socks from Fortis Green, a hip incense holder from Noncense, an essentials subscription service from gentSac, artisan soap from Gentleman’s Lather, seductive sake from Tōji Sake, boutique beer from MoCU, and a handy accessories organiser from On Those Trays. Additionally, if you really need a gift on the day, we suggest hitting up stores such as Apartment, Junky Comics, Jet Black Cat Music, Avid ReaderThe Outpost, The Happy Cabin, Pigeonhole, Violent Green and Contra.


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