Brisbane's best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences

Brisbane’s best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences

If you want to figure out which one of your friends would be best to have around in a crisis situation, Escape Rooms are the business. Whilst the thought of being locked in a confined space and trying to figure a way out in a limited amount of time may incite panic in some, we can assure you that the whole experience is actually a heap of fun. By gathering clues, solving puzzles and cracking codes, you and a team of fellow sleuths must work together to break free from your confinement. Many Escape Rooms in Brisbane have a range of games for groups of two to six to twelve players – enough to include your whole friendship circle. So, ready to test your wits? Use this list of Brisbane-based escape rooms to help inform your choice.

The Escape Hunt Experience, West End: This long-running puzzle-room parlour encourages patrons to think outside the box and complete your choice of themed challenges. Here, you can help destroy German superweapons as MI6 operatives in World War Two, find Blackbeard’s legendary treasure chest, find some priceless stolen jewellery and find a concealed bomb that’s set to go off with a bang!

Arcadium Adventures, Spring Hill: Feeling a tad fantastical? Arcadium Adventures allows you to discover a whole new world of puzzles and mystery through fantasy realms (or just knock back cocktails at the speakeasy-style bar if you don’t feel like participating. Housed in the heritage-listed Espie Dods House on Wickham Terrace, Arcadium offers various immersive 50-minute escape room experiences – think mythical quests, missing-persons cases and more.

Quest Room, South Brisbane and Spring Hill: At Quest Room, the task is simple – find clues, solve puzzles and escape your selected puzzle room before your time is up. The hard part? Choosing which adventure to partake in. Select from a Sherlock Holmes, Saw or a lost tomb treasure hunt at South Brisbane, or solve the disappearance of a famous English professor at Spring Hill’s Steampunk-themed room.

Strike Bowling, Brisbane City: If you’ve had your fill of strikes and spares, ditch the bowling shoes and try your hand at Strike’s escape rooms. Solve clues to catch a serial killer, find your way to the heart of an enchanted dreamland, or escape the dreaded Red Manor – the choice is yours!

Escape Manor, Brisbane City: Keen on getting your adrenaline pumping with a bit of a scare? This Edward Street haunt has five themed rooms to choose from – escape a spooky cabin in the woods, navigate an unhinged asylum, break free from death row and stop an insane winemaker from trapping you in his cellar.

Puzzled Room Escape, Holland Park West: In Brisbane’s south, Puzzled Room Escape offers themed rooms with a twist. For example, Treasure Hunter asks you to find as many artefacts as possible in the allocated time limit, with each player scored on how many they emerge with. If you’re feeling extra competitive, in Battle Mode, you can go head-to-head with your friends across two rooms to see who has the sharper wits!

Seraphim Escape, Ipswich: Those seeking a family-friendly escape experience should make for Ipswich’s Seraphim Escape, where you can break into Santa’s Cottage and remove yourself from the naughty list, or liberate a ghost from a haunted house. If you’re after more adults-only fun, the ominous-sounding Executioner’s Toolshed is hailed as the scariest escape room in town. Think you can handle it?

Fox in a Box, Brisbane City: Originally born in Europe, Fox in a Box has brought its acclaimed immersive escape-room experience to our sunny shores. There are five rooms to choose from, each boasting their own unique theme. Here you can elect to save the world from a nuclear disaster, find the cure for a zombie outbreak, escape from the clutches of a serial killer or race the FBI to find Nikola Tesla’s lost invention.

Cube Escape Rooms, Everton Park: Assemble your crew of super sleuths, codebreakers and eagle-eyed pals – you’re going to need a crack team to beat the challenges at Cube Escape Rooms. This Everton Park puzzle hub has three unique rooms to select – get ready for a sweaty-palmed bomb defusal, an escape from a lunatic librarian or a mission to salvage the distress beacon from your downed aircraft.


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