Brisbane's best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences
Brisbane's best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences
Brisbane's best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences

Brisbane’s best head-scratching, brain-busting Escape Room experiences

If you want to figure out which one of your friends would be best to have around in a crisis situation (or if you just want to do something a bit different), Escape Rooms are the business. Whilst the thought of being locked in a confined space and trying to figure a way out in a limited amount of time may incite panic in some, we can assure you that the whole experience is actually a heap of fun. By gathering clues, solving puzzles and cracking codes, you and a team of fellow sleuths must work together to break free from your confinement. Many Escape Rooms in Brisbane have a range of games for groups of two to six players for parties and special events and the number of places to try is rapidly growing … ready to test your wits?

In West End, The Escape Hunt Experience encourages patrons to think outside the box and complete one of three challenges within 60 minutes. Solve a murder at a barbershop, escape from the Boggo Road Gaol or find the bomb at Government House with a team of friends. Just down the way in South Brisbane you can find Quest Room, boasting experiences inspired by Sherlock and Saw. Try your luck at Exitus above Strike in the Wintergarden, where you can choose between a butcher’s burrow, catching a killer or a spooky garden – yikes! Another city option is the Escape Manor, a spooky Edward Street haunt where you can get trapped in an asylum or crack the case of a covenant gone wrong.

Venturing back out of the CBD, Fort Locks in Fortitude Valley asks groups to break out of jail or, even worse, the locker room. Puzzled Room Escape in Holland Park West has two rooms for teams to tackle, including a murder mystery and a puzzle academy. For those a little further out, Seraphim Escape in Redbank Plains offers a kid-friendly enchanted forest escape or the much more sinister executioner’s toolshed option.

For those living just outside of Brisbane, there are two Escape Rooms located on the coast. Escape Room Oz is located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and The Escape Hunt Experience also has a location in Southport on the Gold Coast. The Escape Hunt Experience has also created a world first escape game on wheels. Installed in a 12-foot caravan, this mobile room will be appearing at festivals and conventions around Brisbane, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, grab some friends, pick a location and get cracking on some brain exercising fun.


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