Make like MacGyver – test your wits at Brisbane’s brand new Escape Manor

Make like MacGyver – test your wits at Brisbane’s brand new Escape Manor

Nothing gets adrenaline levels soaring quite like a good old-fashioned escape challenge. When you’re locked in a room with limited resources, a sinister backstory and a ticking clock, things get hectic. Imaginations run wild as you work closely with those around you to find a way out, piecing together clues and thinking outside of the box to achieve a common goal. Nobody can craft this experience quite like Escape Manor, Brisbane’s latest escape room that is here to take it to the limit.

At the moment, Escape Manor offers two unique experiences to work your way out of. The Asylum challenges patrons to get out of the super-creepy Ward 13 before a mad scientist ghost shows up, and The Covenant requires escapees to fight their way out of an office where a shady soul-selling deal was made. Light bites, drinks and brain-teasing puzzles are available in the lounge for pre and post-escape discussion and revelry, because who doesn’t need to unwind after running away from haunted spirits? Both a Gallery and a Wine Cellar Escape room are in the works, as well as a licensed bar for those who need a little Dutch courage.

Originating in Canada, the Escape Manor concept has made its way to Brisbane through a hands-on ownership group led by locals Peter and Kelley Courtney. The duo’s combined 60 years’ experience in entertainment, hospitality, and business has lent itself well to Escape Manor, a world-class entertainment experience that offers something outside the norm. This is something to keep in mind next time your boss suggests a team-building activity – we guarantee that this is a heck of a lot more fun than dorky trust exercises.

Do you have what it takes to get out in time? You can make bookings at Escape Manor through the venue’s official website.


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