Emilio Cavallini introduces ‘brosiery’ to the man-drobe

Emilio Cavallini introduces ‘brosiery’ to the man-drobe

As we bid adieu to another sunny season, it’s time to relegate shorts and sandals to the back of the wardrobe. Stockings have long been a winter favourite with the ladies, but now they’re in vogue for chilly-legged lads too.

With the invention of unisex tights by Italian designer Emilio Cavallini (think ‘mantyhose’), anyone with a secret lust for leggings can indulge all of their high-end hosiery needs.

Mr Cavallini says that his company’s ‘brosiery’ is tested on its male employees and extensive research has led to the design of a special, breathable fabric to accommodate men’s higher perspiration levels.

Sheer or opaque, fluorescent green or skin-tone, starry or stripedv… unisex hosiery empowers the fashionable gentlemen to accessorise his legs in unprecedented style. Not to mention the unique boyfriend-girlfriend bonding opportunities that arise when sharing tips on avoiding snares and ladders.

Emilio Cavallini products are delivered worldwide.


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