Melbourne’s Dyson Bikes takes the sweat out of cycling

Melbourne’s Dyson Bikes takes the sweat out of cycling

The wind whooshing through your locks may be a lovely feeling, but the sweat dripping down your body on a sultry Brisbane day certainly isn’t. This summer, we’re eyeing off bicycles with a little pedal assistance.

While the days of our dads giving us a push on our bikes may be long gone, fortunately that extra helping hand has stuck around. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, use battery-powered electric motors to give the rider a boost when they need it – such as on a sweltering summer’s day, climbing a hill or pedalling into a head wind. Far from giving us a free ride, however, e-bikes still require a bit of manpower, simply offering a low-impact alternative.

Dyson Bikes co-founder David Metzke had steered clear of cycling for most of his adult life due to chronic arthritis, but when on a holiday in Asia a few years ago, he found that e-bikes were the solution he needed. David and his wife Naomi Dyson officially launched Melbourne-based company Dyson Bikes this year, offering a range of models that cost just 15–20 cents and four hours to charge, with each charge lasting around 50–80 km. Browse the complete range of e-bikes online, from the lightweight Hard Tail to the 20-inch folding model that’s perfect for limited office, home and caravan storage. Place your order online and have your new mode of transport delivered within two to three working days.


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