Dure & Kaufmann

Dress local with Dure & Kaufmann t-shirts

Life is too short to wear bad t-shirts, and so local Ash Thompson pursued her dream of creating her own tee label. Based in Teneriffe, Dure & Kaufmann is a young independent t-shirt design company creating typographic and image-printed cotton numbers.

Obsessed from the get-go, Ash has loved wearing t-shirts from her days as a little tyke. Ash and her seamstress mum would go to the fabric store to pick out colours together, before crafting the cloth into unique designs. Around the age of 15, Ash realised she could design her own prints, sketching graphics for hours before passing her ideas on to a design-nerd friend to transform on the computer.

Channelling her love for beautiful, simple and clean design placed upon a quality shirt, Ash created Dure & Kaufmann to share her eye-catching ideas. Amongst the designs, the faces of Obama and Kanye West feature as minimalist outlines, while typographic sayings and symbols (see the classic Ampersand) also make an appearance on black and white tees. Designing for both men and women, Dure & Kaufmann aims for its wearer to feel comfortable and part of the community.


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