Dermalogica sunscreen

Protect your skin this summer with Dermalogica sunscreen

The golden streams of light that dance across a calm ocean nourish flowers and top up our vitamin D levels, beckoning you to frolic outdoors on a warm summer afternoon.

Whether you are heading out for a spot of picnicking in the park, tending to the garden or playing in the ocean, a layer of sunscreen is a must before basking in a warm lap of sunshine.

Developed to become part of your daily skincare routine, Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF50 sunscreen is, thankfully, non greasy and light enough to be added to your moisturiser. Lathering your skin in this new suncreen as part of your morning routine can help protect your skin, and ward off the wrinkles and nasty diseases that can come from a sun-kissed glow.

The blend used to create the sunscreen is formulated using Dermalogica’s UV Smart Booster Technology, which includes vitamin C and vitamin E to enrich the level of protection and also nourish the skin. Conveniently, the sunscreen comes in handy 50 ml bottles that can be tucked inside your handbag for reapplication during the day. This new beauty regime essential will be on shelves from February.


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