Deluxe jewellery is a family affair at Barnett

Deluxe jewellery is a family affair at Barnett

After struggling to find eye-catching jewellery for themselves, two former Queenslanders have created a colourful line of chunky adornments that are sure to dazzle and impress.

Barnett jewellery is the brainchild of sisters Kate and Bridget Barnett, two Sunshine Coast girls who now live across the globe in Hong Kong and London respectively. Through their collaboration, the two have created a brand of uniquely extravagant pieces of art that are perfect for decorating any wardrobe.

Inspired by the street style in the two fashion capitals, Barnett adornments drip with oversized stones and interwoven chains and rope, creating chunky conversation-starters. Their penchant for skulls is obvious, with the motif present in most creations, often accompanied by tassels and gold.

With no formal training, the girls formed the line from their own keen sense of style, with its development a result of a trial and error. This casual approach to design is demonstrated on their blog and Facebook pages, where they showcase their latest pieces and encourage friends and fans to critique them before each piece goes into production.

Created and shipped from Hong Kong, Barnett’s designs are for sale via the blog, on the Facebook page and through email requests. The brand is also stocked at Soot boutique on James Street.


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